Anne Samson

Anne Samson

Graduated in Translation (English-Spanish into French) and holding a DES in Human Resources Management.

icone homme/femme

Close and attentive to customers

icone avion qui décolle

Field experience

icone bulle de conversation

Spoken and written multilingual communication


Internal Sales Representative
Global Expatriation and Talent Management Coordinator

In SMEs and global organizations for 20 years.


Experience in company punctuated by various stays abroad and as freelance translator.

Your mission is my mission and my priority is to fulfill it with passion, dynamism, and integrity.

Today, I am able to understand the different needs of my clients and consequently, the difficulties they can encounter when they are overwhelmed by a multitude of tasks to be carried out simultaneously. Indeed, working under constant pressure, faster, secretly dreaming that a day has more than 24 hours, is very often the daily life of a large number of professionals.

I also understand the importance of a multilingual communication, whether spoken or written, general or more specific.
Be internal or external, customer service has always been my priority. That is why, with my knowledge and expertise, I am happy to offer my skills, qualities and values to your company.


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