Translation, Proofreading & Localization

Translators use a precise methodology and hence analyze your needs. Their expertise does not leave anything to chance.

In order to achieve accurate linguistic and cultural translations, a translator must have an excellent knowledge of the grammar, semantics, idioms and culture of both source and target languages. The target language should always be the translator’s mother tongue.

That’s why I will always ask a collaborator to translate into a language other than French.

The translation process includes an initial reading to determine the domain and complexity of the text to be translated.

The translator who specializes in the required field produces a draft translation which is followed by a revision.

A second translation then takes into account previous corrections. The process finally ends with the final editing and revision.

The document is then formatted and a quality check is completed by myself before delivery.

icone étoile

A quality translation by a qualified translator

icone étiquette

A fair price (not too high or too low)

icone femme

Direct contact with a professional translator


Should you require a translation into English, Dutch or Spanish, I will call upon a collaborator whose mother tongue is one of these languages. Above all, I will be the only person to review and finalize the project which will ensure the same quality, style and linguistic homogeneity of all your documents.


Sources languages :
• English
• Dutch
• Spanish

Target language :
• French


• Letters
• Offers
• Presentations
• Reports
• Studies
• Websites
• Newsletters
• Brochures


• Technical
• Marketing
• Administrative
• Human ressources
• Sociological

icone cadenas

Strict observance of confidentiality and professional secrecy

icone horloge

Strict observance of deadlines, guidelines and preferences

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Delivered work is guaranteed

Flexibility and performance

Should you require a translation into English, Dutch, or Spanish, I will call upon a collaborator whose mother tongue is one of these languages.

Fields of translation

Translation requests into other fields will be assigned to a collaborator under my final supervision.










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